1759 New Usolye, Perm province. - 1814, St. Petersburg

View onto the Stroganov Dacha in St Petersburg


  • oil on canvas. 67,5 х 100,5
  • Ж-5034

  • Пост.: 1897 из Академии художеств

The artist was awarded the title of the Academician of perspective and miniature painting in 1797. The dacha was designed by Andrei Voronikhin (according to the other sources – it was designed by Fyodor Demerzov in 1793 and rebuilt by Voronikhin in 1796-1797) and was located in St. Petersburg near the place where the Chernaya River flows into the Bolshaya Nevka. The building was radically rebuilt and then pulled down in 1970s.

The painting features the facade of the dacha decorated with the colonnade, the granite stairs with sculptures of lions and centaurs lead from the estate to the river. It was there where the “Stroganov celebrations” famous among the contemporaries took place. The French artist Marie Louse Elisabeth Vigée-Lebrun described for descendants one of the celebrations: “About 3 p.m. we went upstairs to the terraсe surrounded by columns, there the day was all round us. From one side one can enjoy the view of the park, from the other – the Neva crowded with thousands of boats – one is more elegant than the other... There we had dinner. It was rich. The music played. After the dinner we went for a walk in the garden. In the evening we came to the terrace again to watch the beautiful fireworks. The lights reflected in the Neva made a wonderful effect”.

The work was created in the traditions of the Western European painting that were interpreted in Russia. The painting was produced in the manner of topographical landscapes. It depicts the real place and the estate of the Stroganovs.  

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