1760 - 1828

The Anointing of the Grand Duchess Elizabeth Alexeyevna


  • oil on canvas. 268 х 392
  • Ж-5786

  • Пост.в 1932 из Александро-Невской лавры (Ленинград)

This scene represents the baptism of Louise Maria Augusta, daughter of Margrave Karl Ludwig of Baden, in Orthodoxy of Elizabeth Alexeyevna. The ceremony took place on 9th of May 1793 in the Grand Church of the Winter Palace. Metropolitan Gabriel performed the anointing in the centre of the painting, and on the right, there are Grand Dukes Alexander Pavlovich, Konstantin Pavlovich, Pavel Petrovich and Grand Duchess Maria Fedorovna. On the left, there are the Mother Superior of the Syrkov Monastery in Novgorod, Alexandra Shubina, their Highnesses Princes Platon Zubov and Alexander Bezborodko and the teacher of the older sons of Paul, Baron Andrei Budberg. Most of the characters are from the original painting of Johann Baptist Lampi the Elder.

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The Anointing of the Grand  Duchess Elizabeth Alexeyevna
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