1743 (4?), Paris — 1808, St Petersburg

Portrait of Countess Sofia Stroganova


  • oil on canvas. 69 х 56
  • Ж-4595

  • Пост. в 1930 из Строгановского дворца-музея; ранее – в собр. Строгановых (Санкт-Петербург)

Jean-Laurent Mosnier was a court painter of Louis XVI. He worked in Russia from the middle of 1790s until 1808, where he painted portraits of people of the nobility. As he was an Academician of Painting, he headed the studio of portrait painting from 1806.

Sofia Stroganova (1775–1845) was  countess, wife of Pavel Stroganov. She distinguished herself by her beauty, her gentle heart and by her intellectual and wide education. After the death of her husband, as she had management qualities, she administered estates in the Novgorod and Perm provinces. She tried to improve the situation of the serfs by founding several schools, introducing the “Right to Retire” and established a period of time, after which the serfs received their freedom without paying a redemption fee.

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