Fyodor Alexeyev dedicated most of his creative work to Russia. He chose a special kind of landscape painting – an urban landscape or the depiction of towns. As a result of his journey to the south of the country he created several pictures with views of Nikolaev, Bakhchisarai and other towns. "View of Bakhchisarai" conveys specific features of the area - typical buildings, black poplars and rocky mountains of the Crimea. Numerous scenes from everyday life give liveliness and warmth to Alexeyev’s landscape paintings.

Bakhchisarai was the capital of the Crimean Khanate, which was annexed to Russia in 1783. Alexeyev's painting depicts the interior view of the Khan's palace; in the background we can see its upper floors. On the left there is the wall of the harem, above which stands the Falcon Tower. On the right there is the Big Khan Mosque with two minarets.

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