1780, Moscow - 1847, Poddubie (Tver Province)

A Girl in a Headscarf

End of 1820-s

  • oil on canvas. 38 х 27,5
  • Ж-5172

  • Пост. в 1910 от А. В. Милюковой (Санкт-Петербург); ранее — у В. И. Милюкова

The painting initially belonged to V.I. Milyukov (1816–1864), a landlord from Vyshny Volochok district in Tver province. He was a cousin of N.P. Milyukov, a long-term acquaintance and pen friend of Venetsianov. The last owner of the painting A.V. Milyukova was the wife of N.P. Milyukov’s grandson, N.K. Milyukov.

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