1849, Tsarskoye Selo - 1899, St Petersburg

Anichkov Palace Library


  • oil on canvas. 71,5 х 56,5
  • Ж-2668

  • Received in 1928 from the Anichkov Palace, Leningrad

  • Из собрания Александра Третьего в Аничковом дворце

After Alexander Alexandrovich and Marie Feodorovna’s wedding in October 1866, the young couple moved into Anichkov Palace, where Alexander was born. From then on, this palace would remain the emperor’s main residence in the capital until the end of his life. A library for the Grand Duke was designed by Ippolito Monighetti and built from 1868-1869. It is a two-story space in the Renaissance style, decorated with caved oak, leather, bronze, and marble. In Alexei Bobrov’s painting, done soon after the completion of all the decorative work, there is a stained-glass window with the coat of arms of the Russian Empire. This did not survive to the present day.

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