1832, Yelabuga (Vyatka Gubernia) -1898, St Petersburg



  • oil on canvas. 125,5 x 204
  • Ж-2803

  • Пост. в 1907 от Л. И. Ридингер

At the turn of the 1880s and 1890s, Ivan Shishkin turned to a relatively rare subject in his oeuvre — the theme of the winter freezing of nature. The artist set himself the highly complex task of conveying almost imperceptible reflexes in a virtually monochrome painting.Everything is frozen over and immersed in shadow. A ray of sunshine lights up a glade in the depths of a forest, tinting it a slightly pink colour and making the snow seem even bluer. The only hints of life are evoked by the mighty trunks in the background and the bird sitting on a bough. Shishkin made several versions of this picture and sketched many of the drawings directly in the forest.

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