1834, Tobolsk - 1882, Kuzminki (now part of Moscow)

Lone Guitarist


  • oil on wood. 31,2 x 22
  • Ж-4093

  • Пост. 1930 из ГТГ

The significance of Perov's art goes beyond the social themes of his paintings. Man the constant aim and purpose of his work - interested Perov from different points of view. Even before he had gained a reputation as a portrait painter, during his stay in Paris, the pictures of the young artist were noted for their characteris tic appearance - fairly small single - figure compositions combining the portrait and social genres. Lone Guitarist, painted soon after his return to Russia, is the best example of this type of painting by Vasily Perov. It is marked by the psychological subtlety with which Perov portrays the poor and lonely old man, whose only joy and meaning in life is music. Play and Passion in Russian Fine Art. St-Petersburg. 1999. P. 147.

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