1851, Count Sheremetev’s stud farm near Venyova (Tula Province) - 1895, Heidelberg (Germany)

Military Council in Fili in 1812


  • oil on canvas. 79,2 х 164
  • Ж-4176

  • Received in 1923 from the Academy of Arts

After the Battle of Borodino, the Russian army, due to enormous losses, retreated to Moscow, taking a defensive position near Poklonnaya Hill and Sparrow Hills. On 1 September 1812 in the village of Fili near Moscow, the commander of the Russian Army, Field Marshal Mikhail Kutuzov, called a military council to discuss the question of whether to give Napoleon a new battle or to leave Moscow without a fight in order to preserve the army and give it a chance to rest and gather the reserves. Listening to the opinions of those present, the majority of whom preferred the former, Kutuzov made a unilateral decision to leave the ancient capital. The meeting occurred in complete secrecy and no minutes were taken, so the exact number of participants is unknown. The scene in the darkened hut is full of drama. With the help of lighting, Kivshenko concentrates attention on the faces and, fleshing out the character of each person, shows the individuality of his reaction to what is happening.

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