1885, Mozhaisk, Moscow Province — 1964, Moscow

Vladimir Lenin at the Second Congress of Soviets Among Peasant Delegates


  • oil on canvas. 236 х 186
  • Ж-6149

  • Received in 1955 from the Vladimir Lenin Central Museum

Gerasimov’s painting depicts the historical congress that ratified the Decrees on Peace and Land and proclaimed the transfer of all power in the country to the Soviets of Workers’ and Peasants’ Deputies. Lenin talks with the delegates about the transfer of landed estates to the peasantry. The event’s significance is expressed by the deep seriousness with which the peasants hearken to Lenin’s words. The muted colours of the sheepskin coats, soldiers’ overcoats and sailors’ pea jackets resonate with a unique virile harmony in the Smolny Institute’s enormous bright assembly hall.

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