1876, Slavyansk (Kharkiv Gubernia) - 1956, Moscow

Still Life. A Pair of Teas


  • oil on canvas. 72 х 82
  • Ж-6720

  • Received in 1957 from Olga Konchalovskaya, the artist’s widow, Moscow

In the eating establishments of pre-revolutionary Russia tea was served in two painted porcelain teapots: the large one held hot water, the small one strongly brewed tea. This method of serving tea was called a “pair of teas” or “tea pair”. The title of Konchalovsky’s still life is deceptive, since its main “protagonist” is not tea but a bottle of Moskovskaya vodka. To accompany it the artist “serves up” a suitable traditional appetizer: herring and black bread, garnished with a lemon in the French manner. Jack of Diamonds alliance founder Pyotr Konchalovsky managed to maintain his family and domestic life inviolate while avoiding conflict with the Soviet authorities. The Konchalovsky household’s lavish, generous repasts became legendary in Moscow.

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