1894, Bezhetsk (Tver Province) - 1971, Leningrad

Female Construction Worker


  • oil on canvas. 96 x 67
  • Ж-8192

  • Received in 1966 via the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR

In Soviet fine arts and cinematography, in agitprop and mass culture, it was women in particular who bore the image of “new people”. In depicting them, Alexander Samokhvalov unfailingly accentuated their distinction from women of previous eras, whose lives were built around their husbands, the home, and children. These new women were strong, socially active, liberated, and self-reliant, and Samokhvalov does not transform them into exclusively propagandistic symbols. In their images the artist’s personal affection combines fortuitously with ideological policies.

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