1842, Cherepovets, Novgorod Gubernia - 1904, near Port Arthur

In Jerusalem. Royal Tombs

Сирия и Палестина. 1884

  • Canvas, oil. 199 х 149
  • Ж-1510

  • Пост. в 1905 с посмертной выставки автора

Vereshchagin considered that it was essential for an artist to “study the living origins of the history of the world”. He travelled across Europe, Asia and America. In 1884, he was astonished by the ancient monumental buildings of Palestine and Syria, and he created  the paintings dedicated to the monuments of the East. The effective play of the light and shadow produced by the crowd enhances the mystery of the ritual procession of women in white robes. In this painting, the particularity of Vereshchagin’s paintings, the “choral beginning", is obvious. This "choir" is a community of people united by a common destiny, religion and world perception.

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