1850, Gatchina (St Petersburg Province) - 1873, Yalta



  • oil on canvas. 55,5 x 108,5
  • Ж-4105

  • Пост. в 1928 из Аничкова Дворца (Ленинград)

  • Из собрания Александра Третьего в Аничковом дворце

Thaw is one of the finest works in both the art of Fyodor Vasilyev and the road theme in general. Without introducing external actions, the genre elements of the landscape increase the inner tension of the picture. The figures of the peasants disappearing into the unknown distance are perceived as wanderers following predetermined paths. The heavy, murky sky, the flock of black ravens in the foreground, the slush and the lopsided peasant hut create an impression of hopeless sorrow, reflecting the artist’s own troubled state of mind. Russian Museum: From Icons to the Modern Times. Palace Editions, St Petersburg, 2015. P. 176.


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