1916, Uvarovichi (White Russia) - 1988, Leningrad

Sergei Yesenin with his Grandfather


Yevsei Moiseenko fought in the Great Patriotic War. He graduated from the Repin Art Institute, then he headed  his individual studio in his home Institute until the end of his life. The painting “Sergei Yesenin with his Grandfather” is dedicated to his spiritual intimacy with the poet: this work is unusual by its conception and genre. By definition, it is a historical portrait, but by the impressions it sends, it is a plein air study. Indeed, it is such a vivid and spontaneous painting on canvas. This painting lacks of tenderness. One can feel compassion for the fate, which awaits the character of the painting. It seems as if all the sorrowful Russia surrounding the young Yesenin places the responsibility on him, which is an inevitable companion of the talent.

Sergei Yesenin (1895-1925) was the finest lyrical poet. He was born in the village of Konstantinovo in the Ryazan province. His maternal grandfather brought him up from his early age.

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