1878, Khvalynsk (Saratov Province) - 1939, Leningrad



  • oil on canvas. 38 x 53
  • ЖБ-1246

  • Received in 1935

In April–July 1907, Petrov-Vodkin traveled to North Africa, visiting Algeria and Tunisia. He turned his gaze towards Africa and the East in search of something unexpected, primitive, genuine. During the trip, the artist created a large number of drawings, watercolors and oil studies. The African series opens a new period in the artist’s work, filled with harmony and pure colors. After returning to Paris, Petrov-Vodkin wrote to his mother: «... two and a half months in Africa passed for me like a fabulous dream, and this impression will not be forgotten, and I feel that it was necessary, useful for me in terms of painting — I almost forgot my gray colors».

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