1900, Varlamovo, Vologda Province — 1973, Leningrad

Near the Peter and Paul Fortress


  • oil on canvas. 72,5 х 52
  • ЖБ-1475

  • Received in 1935 from the artist from the First Exhibition of Leningrad Artists

This work belongs to the series entitled In the Sun, after which Pakhomov practically abandoned painting, concentrating his efforts on graphical media. Near the Peter and Paul Fortress and other of Pakhomov’s works came under criticism for the “formalistic artificiality of their fresco approach” after their showing at the First Exhibition of Leningrad Artists. Indeed, the artist had begun his career doing monumental frescoes, certain methods of which organically found their way into his easel paintings. Pakhomov’s soft and warm “fresco-like” colouration, his light and “transparent” painting manner, and his ardent desire to convey beauty, maidenly grace, the enchantment of youth and the freshness of a sunny day were at odds with the principles of Socialist Realism.

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