1881, Mikhailovskaya (Don Region) - 1944, Abramtsevo (outside Moscow)

Portrait of a Boy in a Patterned Shirt


  • oil on canvas. 119,5 х 80
  • ЖБ-1499

  • Пост.: 1926 через ГИНХУК (собр. МХК)

The nature of Ilya Mashkov’s painterly talent – its elemental creative sweep, energy, temperament and exaggerated sensuality towards life – distinguished the artist’s works from those of his fellow members of the Jack of Diamonds. Such early paintings as Boy in a Painted Shirt reflect the various influences on Mashkov’s oeuvre – his interest in modern French painting, particularly Fauvism; his profound and genuine affinity for folk creativity and adherence to the “tray” style, incarnated in both the background of the painting and the highly-coloured structure in general; and urban artistic folklore – signboards and fairground photography, reflected in the positioning of the model and the subject’s deliberately serious and attentive glance, fastened directly on the viewer.

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