1887, Vitebsk - 1985, St Paul de Vence (France)



  • oil on canvas. 170 х 163,5
  • ЖБ-1726

  • Received in 1920

Chagall created a series of paintings that were in essence selfportraits with his young wife Bella. The motif of flight common to the works of the cycle acquires its most lively and spontaneous embodiment and possibly its simplest and clearest explanation in Promenade. There is simply not enough room for the two lovers on the earth and so Bella flies upwards into the sky. The canvas is permeated with metaphors — the still-life on the red tablecloth recalling the wedding banquet, the bare branch about to burst into blossom against the background of the sky, and the bird that the young artist clutches in his hand. Russian Museum: From Icons to the Modern Times. Palace Editions, St Petersburg, 2015. P. 274.

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