1899, Kursk - 1969, Moscow

Defence of Sebastopole


  • oil on canvas. 200 x 400
  • ЖБ-954

  • Пост. в 1949 через КДИ при СМ СССР

The picture was painted in 1942, during the height of the Second World War. The artist wrote: “I was in the war and saw the battles and many grave and heroic episodes. For some reason, I decided to paint Defence of Sebastopole, although I did not see the resistance of the city; I only heard the tales about the defence. Why did I paint this work? I love Sebastopole, a town I often visited before the war, on ships and cruisers… When I saw photographs of the ruined town, I realized that I had to paint this picture. When I was working on it, I experienced everything for real and put my whole heart into it.”

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