1893, St Petersburg — 1941, Leningrad

Kavgolovo Ski Jump

Эскиз. 1936

  • oil on canvas. 120 x 90
  • ЖС-1851

  • Received in 1976 from E. M. Pavlova, the artist’s widow, Leningrad

The Toksovo-Kavgolovo district near Petersburg (Leningrad) is the true ski center of the Karelian Isthmus. A great number of sporting facilities are located here, including the famous Kavgolovo Ski Jumps and many international-class ski trails. A natural slope around 40 to 50 meters high and extending for several kilometers forms the basis for the downhill ski trails. This is a very small slope by European standards, but thousands of Leningraders of all ages learned and perfected the basics of alpine skiing on it, some achieving the heights of mastery.

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