1837, Moscow – 1907

Little Coquettes (Children Looking in the Mirror)

Group. 1872

  • Marble. 100 х 50 х 56
  • СК-493

  • Пост.: 1897 из Эрмитажа

In the works of Nicholay Laveretsky, which are very close to Italian salon sculpture (of which the most famous are "Boy and Girl with a Bird" (1868, Tretyakov Gallery), "Neapolitan Boy with a Monkey" (1870, Tretyakov Gallery) and "Little Coquettes" (1872, Russian Museum)) the sculptor’s attraction to emphasized grace and external glamour were combined with the interest in nature observations and genre motifs.

For this academic program in 1872, Laveretsky received the title of professor.

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