1753, St. Petersburg - 1802, St. Petersburg

Cupid (Amor) (Cupid in the guise of Harpocrates)


  • Marble. 133 х 64 х 54
  • Ск-317

  • Пост.: 1897 из Эрмитажа

The main themes of the Kozlovsky’s easel sculptures were taken from the Antiquity. His depiction of Cupid shows the deep involvement in the Hellenistic culture, but also lacks the external imitativeness. This is the 18th century piece made by the artist with a refined taste, who delicately glorified the beauty of the human body. Cupid (Amor in Latin and Eros in Greek) is a winged love god, the son of Aphrodite, her messenger and essential companion. His arrows were piercing people’s hearts, evoking love. Harpocrates was the Egyptian god, viewed by the Greeks and the Romans as the god of silence.

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