27 January 2017 Cheboksary, Church

International scientific conference in MMGHPA named after S. Stroganov

Collected Works of the Conference \\\"Ontology of the Art of the Christian World\\\"
An international scientific conference \\\"Ontology of the art of the Christian world: fine and monumental decorative art, architecture and subject-spatial environment\\\"was held in the MGHPA named after S. Stroganov on January 27. The conference was held within the framework of the \\\"Church and Culture\\\" direction of the XXV International Educational Christmas Readings. Participants discussed modern creative and artistic processes occurring in the visual and decorative arts, culture, architecture and the formation of the subject-spatial environment of the Christian world. There are three main directions in which participants took part:
Architecture and plastic arts in the imaginative and artistic decision of the temple space;Christian images and symbols in artistic creation;Christian art in the programs of artistic and pedagogical education.About 40 representatives of many Russian universities took part in the conference, such as the MGHPA them. SG Stroganov, Moscow State University named after Michael Lomonosov, LSTU, UdSU, RAZhViZ named after Ilya Glazunov, SUSU, KazNUI, MGPU and many others, as well as representatives of creative and professional associations and organizations. The guest invited was a professor of the University of Warsaw Jacek Kwiatkowski.

XXV Международные Рождественские образовательные чтения: «1917-2017: уроки столетия» 25-27 января 2017

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