12 March 2017 Cheboksary, Church

Ortjodox volunteers of the Chuvash republic visited the day of the Orthodox book

The Youth Club of Orthodox Volunteers of Chuvashia conducted an excursion dedicated to the Day of the Orthodox Book in the museum and library complex of the Church of the New Martyrs and Confessors of the Russian Church in Cheboksary.
Visiting the temple began with an acquaintance with the subscription of the parish library, where on the shelves the Orthodox literature is presented in open access. The attention of the guests was attracted by the old lithograph book of ID Sytin\\\'s publishing house \\\"The Seven Sacraments of the Holy Orthodox Church\\\".
Lithographs and popular prints, which became the prototypes of future periodicals in Russia, were also shown in multimedia materials in the Virtual Branch of the Russian Museum.
The meeting with the rector of the church, Archimandrite Guriy (Danilov), began with a discussion of the question of reading literature, and the need for daily reading of the Gospel for Christians and priests. The conversation over a cup of tea with the dean of the Cheboksary diocese touched upon the most burning questions of contemporary spiritual life.

The organizers of the excursion continued the acquaintance of Orthodox volunteers with the history of the Orthodox book in the exposition of the Church Museum dedicated to the history of the Christian enlightenment of the Chuvash people. The enlightening significance of the Baptism of Rus, which passed more than a millennium ago, was compared by the famous Russian historian SM Soloviev with the Christianization of the Volga region during the time of Ivan the Terrible. It is known that for the ministry of the Orthodox mission of Archbishop Guria of Kazan in the new temples and monasteries there was a need for a large number of liturgical literature. To solve the problem of books shortage by order of Tsar Ivan the Terrible and with the blessing of Metropolitan Makary of Moscow, a printing house is being created in Moscow. The publication in it on March 1 (14), 1564, by Ivan Fedorov of the first dated printed book \\\"The Apostle\\\" began to be celebrated in Russia as the Day of the Orthodox Book. Attention to this important date in the history of Russian culture of representatives of the youth of modern Chuvashia reflects continuity and interrelation in the spiritual development of fraternal peoples living in Russia

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