21 September 2021 Penza

Online tour of the buildings of the Russian Museum.

High school students of the V. E. Tatlin Secondary School No. 1 got acquainted with the historical buildings of the Russian Museum. It united within its walls all the main artistic trends, styles, schools and genres of Russian art, which have enriched the national culture over ten centuries of its history. Today, the State Russian Museum (GRM) is a whole complex of buildings and territories, which is difficult to describe in detail in our introductory article. But let's try to tell you about some of them.
The main components of the GRM are as follows: the Mikhailovsky Palace is the main exhibition complex. The Benois Building was built in 1914-1920 according to the project of the architect L. N. Benois, the pavilions of the Academy of Arts are located here. Mikhailovsky Castle - its premises were transferred to the Russian Museum only in 1994. Today, the castle is a branch of the museum, permanent exhibitions work in the halls, excursions are held. The Marble Palace was transferred to the Russian Museum in 1922 and became its branch. It houses the exhibition " Foreign artists in Russia XVIII.

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