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The Children's Art School №1 named after Vladimir Tatlin

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Opened on 06.06.2013

Children's Art School No. 1 in Penza is one of the first art schools in Russia. The year of its foundation was 1945 - the year of the Victory of the Soviet people over fascism in the Great Patriotic War. In the building of the Penza Art School named after KA Savitsky, two classes were allocated for teaching schoolchildren to the fine arts, the teachers had just returned from the front and came to classes in military overcoats. They laid the foundations of the Penza drawing school, developed a methodology for teaching painting, graphics, easel composition.
In 1997, the Children's Art School No. 1 was named after Vladimir Yevgrafovich Tatlin, a graduate of the Penza Art School (he completed a full course of study from 1905 to 1910), a constructivist artist of the 1920s, a talented and versatile man, art historians "Russian Leonardo". Tatlin is one of the brightest figures in the new art. His life was the life of an ascetic - creativity filled her whole. The legacy of V. Tatlin became one of the symbols of the Russian avant-garde.
Visitors to the information and educational center "Russian Museum: virtual branch" can get acquainted with the Mediathek of the Russian Museum in a multimedia cinema and information and educational class of the Children's Art School No. 1 named after V. Tatlin.

Address: 26 Karl Marx street, Penza 440027, Russia
Phone: +7 (8412) 56 36 87
Head of the virtual branch: Alexander Abaturov

Head of the branch

Alexander Abaturov

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