14 October 2021 Penza

Junior schoolchildren of V.E. Tatlin Art School No. 1 travel around the country Paintings and.

Junior schoolchildren of the V.E. Tatlin Art School No. 1 travel around the country of Pictures and get acquainted with the work of the great Russian painter Ivan Ivanovich Shishkin. A conversation about the most famous work of the artist - "Morning in the pine forest". The motif of the coniferous forest, to which Shishkin refers in this picture, is typical of his work. Evergreen pines and fir trees emphasize the feeling of grandeur and eternity of the natural world. A compositional technique is also often found in the artist's paintings, when the tops of trees are cut off by the edge of the canvas, and huge powerful trees seem to not fit even into a sufficiently large canvas. There is a kind of landscape interior. The viewer gets the impression that he found himself inside an impenetrable thicket, where bears sitting on a broken pine tree feel comfortable. They were depicted by K.A.Savitsky, he reported that he had to put his signature under the picture, but then he removed it, thereby renouncing the copyright.

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