“Shtofny” Female Festive Costume

Chernukha village, Arzamas district, Nizhny Novgorod Gubernia. Latter half of the 19th century

Sarafan and Apron
(Modern reconstruction)

Shtofny (outer garment)
Silk, galloon, ribbons, string

Silk, gold threads, spangles, stitching on cardboard

Silk, pattern weaving, gold fringe

Silk, plaiting, gold embroidery on cardboard

During Shrovetide festivities in the Chernukha Village a shtofny (or shtofny sarafan) was worn over the festive costume. It was burgundy or cherry-red, decorated with galloon and a fringe, with an uneven row of copper buttons and string loopholes.

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