18th century

  • Metal, зернь, скань, enamel. В.— 3; дм — 2
  • ОНИ/М-911; ОНИ/М-962; ОНИ/М-917; ОНИ/М-924; ОНИ/М-957

  • Пост. в 1968 через ЭЗК ГРМ

Buttons and other decorative clothing fasteners were known in Old Russia from ancient times and could be made of silver, bronze, stone, bone, mother of pearl or glass. Hollow cast metal buttons came in various forms: round, oval, and pear-shaped; cupola-shaped with round loops. Their sizes ranged from that of a pea to that of a quail’s egg. They were fastened on delicate hooks made from twisted golden threads. Artistic techniques used in button making included filigree with granulation, embossing, engraving and colored enamel. One could judge a family’s wealth by their buttons and other clothing adornments.

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