Polkhovsky Maidan, Gorky region. 1967, 1963

Strict simple turning forms of objects - cylindrical boxes of different sizes, salt cellars in the form of an apple, moneyboxes designed as mushrooms, matryoshkas , rattles, whistle-birds are typical for Maidan toys that are called with a special word “taratushki". Their forms are always round, which is caused by the turning method of production, and their  painting is amazingly connected with the shape and placed in the areas that are assigned to it.

Painting is performed in two ways.

At the heart of one method is a pen drawing with black ink. It creates contours of the composition, which is then painted in several steps. Another way is a non-contour painting with dense strokes of paint, not only on starchy ground, but also on coloured backgrounds. Floral ornamentation and landscapes are predominate in the painting. The masters depict large roses and poppies along with small twigs, buds and berries.

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