Dress of a Girl Wearing a Band

Arkhangelsk Gubernia. 19th century

Shirt and Sarafan
(Modern reconstruction)

Dushegreya — Short Fur Coat
Luda Village, Arkhangelsk District, Arkhangelsk Gubernia
Brocade, galloon

Alovitsy — two crimson taffeta headscarves

Maiden’s Headband. Onega District, Arkhangelsk Gubernia
Galloon, pearls, mother of pearl, stitching

Silk, weaving

“In Pinezhye at the end of the 19th century, the most elegant costumes and jewelry were worn at metishche — a place for the saint’s day festivities. They usually lasted two or three days and maidens would change their costumes several times a day. Young men would choose brides on the metishche, and young maidens would have their eyes out for a possible husband… “decorating” these festivals were the “band girls”, as the maidens who wore brocade bands were known in Pinezhye. They would stand there on the metishche, not daring to move: “magnificently attired… a myriad of colored ribbons tied to the gold band at the back of the head, ‘pearl braids’ on the forehead and on the temples”. The silky bright red kerchiefs, worn on the shoulders with the ends tucked under the sarafan straps were called alovitsy” (Taranovskaya 1999).

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