Female Festive Costume

Sekirino and Kornevoye Villages, Skopin District, Ryazan Gubernia. Late 19th — early 20th century

Flax, silk

Chintz, silk, wool, printed pattern, Russian plaiting

Beads, cotton fabric, braid, buttons, stringing

Beads (Chyopki)
Glass beads, fabric, stringing

Beads, stringing

Beads, stringing, wool, spangles, weaving

Wool, weaving, braid, spangles

A whole range of breast and neck decorations were used in the Skopin District of Ryazan Gubernia and the villages of Sekirino and Kornevoye: delicate “razmetki” and “chyopki” were combined with necklaces made from multicolored beads. “Razmetki” are distinctive decorations, which encircled the entire neck with long black and white loops and colored, lacelike rosettes. To make the loops lie flat, they were stretched slightly using long tie-strings, which passed under the armpits and were tied at the back. These decorations show up on the dark red background of the shirt with “polety”, oval shoulder patches (probably originating from the word “epaulettes”). The sash with long, wide beaded tassels played an important role in costume. Sashes were worn over the ponyova in twos so that the two ends hanging down on the right and left sides had the same color and pattern.

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