Shirt (sleeve)
Batiste, chain-stitch and pulled embroidery


Silk, lace, thread, gold embroidery

“Tver Ukrut” Headdress
Braid, mother of pearl, stringing, glass, pearl embroidery

Batiste, whitework chain-stitch and pulled embroidery

According to old-timers, the dress of mid-19th-century Novotorkas, that is, women from the city of Torzhok in Tver Gubernia, was “luxurious to the highest degree”. “On their heads they wore white headscarves with gold embroidery which usually partially covered headdresses ‘seated’ with pearls and adorned in gold and silver. Especially rich was the embroidery on the end of the scarf hanging over the back. Items of special attention for wearers of luxurious Novotorka costumes were muslin sarafan sleeves and muslin aprons. Gold and silver wasn’t spared for their adornment; tops of sleeves and bottoms of aprons were literally covered with so-called bit’ [flattened gold or silver purl — translator’s note]” (Davydova 1914, 196).

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