1899, Shavli, Kovno Province — 1978, Leningrad

Uritsky Square


  • oil on canvas. 60 x 77
  • Жб-1784

  • Received in 1942 from the Works of Leningrad Artists in the Days of the Second World War exhibition via the Committee for Art, Council of People’s Commissars of the RSFSR

The importance of the panorama of the Siege of Leningrad painted by Yaroslav Nikolayev during the Second World War cannot be overestimated. This painting is an important artistic document. Depicting the sufferings and indomitable will of the people of Leningrad, the artist incarnated the city’s outer appearance with a special poignancy. Nikolayev discerned beauty in human faces, acts of heroism and cityscapes. Uritsky Square was the official name of Palace Square in Leningrad from 1918 to 1944.

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