1848, Krasnoyarsk - 1916, Moscow

Stepan Razin

The painting was partially re-made in 1910. 1906

  • oil on canvas. 318 х 600 мм
  • Ж-4236

  • Пост. в 1918 году из собрания В. Г. Винтерфельда

Chieftain Stepan Razin was a head of a peasants uprising that spread over the whole Volga region in 1669-1671. The uprising was violently crushed, and Razin was publicly executed in Moscow. However, his image remained in the people’s memories for a long time. He became a hero of songs and tales, a beacon of better and freer life. This is why in Surikov’s painting the chieftain’s strug (a Russian broad-bottom sailing and rowing ship) leaves for the wide open space of the Volga.

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