1899, Kursk - 1969, Moscow


Variant of the painting of the same name (1930, Galleria d’Arte Moderna di Ca’Pesaro, Venice). 1932–1933

  • oil on canvas. 229 х 259
  • Ж-7741

  • Received in 1962 from the Central Museum of the Soviet Army, Moscow

The art of Alexander Deineka reflects the aspiration towards new forms of public life — labour, industry, sport, and images of the new citizen. Race contains all the main formal features of Alexander Deineka’s style — a montage-rhythmic structure of the composition, laconic tones, and an austere and graphic style of painting. Race combines concrete elements, generalisation, symbols, images, the spirit of romanticism, and notes of lyricism. Man personifies the motif of freedom and resolute integrity.

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