1872, Феодосия — 1943, Феодосия

Classical Landscape


  • oil on canvas. 112 х 142
  • Ж-2338

  • Пост. в 1920 из собр. А.А.Коровина (Петроград)

The paintings of Konstantin Bogayevsky represent an intense personal “symbiosis” of the reality, intuitionist insights of the distant past and delightful poetical fantasies. They are penetrated by the desire for the art of the “grand style”. The painter was inspired by his native Crimea: the austere and mysterious, yet not uninhabited, ancient Cimmeria, and Tauride, which is lit by the sun and loved by the Gods. The complete peace and harmony of Bogayevsky’s paintings are imbued with melancholy of the bygone days. He painted them with composition principles and theoretical forms, which are close to the art of the classicism era of Nicolas Poussin and Claude Lorrain. Some of Bogayevsky’s paintings remind of ancient tapestries.

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