1907, St Petersburg — 1997, St Petersburg

Return (Sunny Morning)


  • oil on canvas. 110,5 x 91,5
  • ЖБ-1739

  • Received in 1951 via the Ministry of Culture of the USSR

In keeping with the canons of Socialist Realism, the painting is built on the narrative principle, and contemporaries would have read it like an open book. On the floor is a carelessly and hastily opened suitcase, hanging on the chair back an officer’s jacket with combat medals: what we have here is a scene of a victorious hero’s return, his first morning at home. All the hardships of the Siege of Leningrad are now in the past, and the city greets its liberator with a wide, bright panorama of the Neva River through open windows. The artist’s own personal history is woven into this typical subject: she herself lived through the Siege, and her husband was an officer in the Baltic Fleet.

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