1878, Khvalynsk (Saratov Province) - 1939, Leningrad



  • oil on canvas. 65 x 80
  • ЖБ-1253

  • Пост.: 1926 из МХК через ГИНХУК

Kuzma Petrov-Vodkin’s taste for philosophic generalisation and research in the field of the form characterised his artistic journey. The artist produced a whole series of masterpieces of still life painting. Among them, there is the painting of the violin, which he played with talent. Petrov-Vodkin created his unique world, his poetically changing reality by disturbing this static perception, and developed  a “spherical perspective”, as if he was overlooking the objects from different points of view. According to the artist, the still life painting is “one of the sharpest conversations of a painter with nature”. By their artistic qualities, his still lifes belong to the highest achievements of painting.

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