1889, Vinnitsa - 1970, Leningrad

Portait of a Young Jew (Self-Portrait)


  • Gypsum, copper, wood. 51 х 31 х 27
  • Ск-1195

  • Пост. в . 1926 из МХК

Nathan Altman was born in Vinnytsia in a poor Jewish family. He graduated from the Odessa School of Art in 1907 and then worked with Maria Vasilyeva at the ‘Free Russian Academy’ in Paris from 1910 until 1912. He moved in St. Petersburg in 1912. He became one of the most famous artists thanks to his cubist techniques. He also had excellent skills in sculpture, graphic arts (his series ‘Jewish Graphic Art’ based on grave relief) and scenography. The artist used a combination of bronze, copper and wood to realise this asymmetrical and innovative sculptural self-portrait (1916).

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