17 January 2022 Penza

Walk through the buildings and expositions of the museum complex

Students of the V.E.Tatlin Secondary School No. 1 in Penza got acquainted with the collection of art works of the Russian Museum, which is located in buildings that are outstanding architectural monuments of the XVIII-XIX centuries.

The main retrospective exhibition of the museum is located in the Mikhailovsky Palace (architect Karl Rossi, 1819-1825), built for the son of Emperor Paul I, Grand Duke Mikhail Pavlovich, and in the Benois building, originally built as an exhibition pavilion of the Academy of Arts (architects L.N.Benois and I.S. Ovsyannikov. 1914-1919.)

The total area of the museum is currently more than 30 hectares. The collection is housed in buildings that are outstanding architectural monuments of the XVIII-XIX centuries: Mikhailovsky, Stroganov, Marble Palaces and Mikhailovsky Castle. The museum complex also includes the Mikhailovsky Garden, the Summer Garden with the Summer Palace of Peter I and the house of Peter I.

The museum's collection has about 400,000 exhibits and covers all historical periods and trends in the development of Russian art, the main types and genres, trends and schools for more than 1000 years: from the X to the XXI century. Russian Russian Museum's collections include collections of Russian and Soviet paintings, the richest collection of sculpture in the country, one of the best collections of engravings and drawings by Russian and Soviet artists, an extremely interesting collection of works of decorative, applied and folk art.

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