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Annually the Russian Museum organises dozens of exhibitions, which exhibit about 5,000 works from their own collection, as well as from collections of other museums and private collections. The exhibitions generate a great deal of interest. The exhibitions are accompanied by publications and multimedia programs. However access to these materials is limited.

The section “Vernissages in the Russian Museum” enables users to explore virtually the exhibition’s rooms, and get acquainted with the large exhibitions of the Russian Museum.

The exhibition will present more than 600 works of various types of textile art, painting, graphics, decorative and applied art, and more than 30 costumes, including shawls, headscarves, pashminas, and stoles.
An exhibition on the occasion of the 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx offers a comprehensive overview of images of the influential thinker in Russian culture and everyday life from the beginning of the 20th century till nowadays. The display includes over 100 works of fine art, household items, and archival records.
“Expressionism in Russian Art” continues an ongoing exhibition project on the major styles and movements in Russian art of the 20th century. The exhibition consists of around 350 works created between the 1900s and the mid-1930s.
V. M. Konashevich’s oeuvre is familiar to many people all over Russia and the post-Soviet space since their childhood. It was his illustrations that young readers could see in the books by Hans Christian Andersen and Alexander Pushkin, as well as by outstanding Soviet writers, such as Kornei Chukovsky, Samuil Marshak, and Yuri Olesha.
The first retrospective exhibition of works by Kulbin discovers the artist as a landscape painter with an analytical mind and yet an unspoiled vision, a prominent graphic artist who left many portraits of his contemporaries (D. Burliuk, M. Kuzmin, S. Sudeikin, A. Kuprin, V. Khlebnikov, etc.), a talented theatrical artist and book illustrator. The exhibition shows almost 120 works, including a futurist book “Vzorval” by A. Kruchenykh illustrated by Nikolai Kulbin.
The exhibition at the Benois Wing makes it possible to see the breathtaking project of St. Isaac’s Cathedral as it was conceived, although never realized and presents these rare large-scale works, along with many drawings, sketches, and cartoons by K. P. Bryullov, F. A. Bruni, P. V. Basin, and a variety of sculptures, including those on religious subjects and sculptural portraits of the great artists who contributed to the interior décor of St. Isaac’s Cathedral.
Recently, the person in the portrait has been re-identified.
The exhibition will include over 250 works of painting and graphic art from the collection of the State Russian Museum, State Tretyakov Gallery, Radishchev State Art Museum in Saratov and other museums.
The exhibition includes around 350 ceramic works (porcelain, faience, maiolica) made in the Soviet Union and Russia between the 1920s and the early 1990s, from the collections of the Russian Museum, State Hermitage, and private collections.
The exhibition offers a perspective on how Russian internal and geopolitical transformations, in which Empress Catherine II played a major part, were reflected in art of the late 18th century.

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