Female Festive Costume

Chernukha village, Arzamas district, Nizhny Novgorod Gubernia. Late 19th — early 20th century

Satin, passementerie, spangles, gold embroidery

Satin, passementerie, spangles, ribbons, gold embroidery

Silk, plaiting, velvet, gold embroidery

Velvet, chenille, spangles, passementerie, silk, gold embroidery

Lenka (ribbon)
Galloon, gold embroidery

The costume of the Old Believers’ Cernukha Village, Arzamas District, Nizhny Novgorod Gubernia, was decorated with a myriad of rich, gold embroidery. Brocade and satin aprons were worn over silk and satin sarafans and shirts in lilac, raspberry and blue. Until 1928 there was a monastery in the Chernukha Village, where headdresses, myshki (shirt neckpieces), sarafans and apron breast decorations were made.

Headdress — the soroka and povoinik for women and the maidens’ lenka (a wide ribbon sewn into a ring) was covered with flower embroidery. The top was often covered with a “lid” — a small rectangular kerchief which was also embroidered with gold thread.

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