Maiden’s Festive Costume

Chernukha village, Arzamas District, Nizhny Novgorod Gubernia. Late 19th — early 20th century

Satin, passementerie, spangles, gold embroidery

Satin, passementerie, spangles, ribbons, gold embroidery

Velvet, chenille, spangles, passementerie, silk, gold embroidery

Galloon, gold threads, spangles, embroidery on cardboard

Inner Part of a Soroka (Volosnik)
Printed cotton, gold embroidery

Gold threads fringe

Gold and cotton threads, twisting

The boroda is a breast decoration, part of the female festive costume of the Chernukha Village. It comprises a long strip of metallic fringe, from seven to thirty meters in length, which was wrapped evenly around the neck and onto the breast so that each row slightly covered the one beneath. A twisting viteika decoration added a finishing touch.

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