Flax, red calico, double-sided embroidery

Latter half of the 19th century
Flax, cotton, braid, factory-made ribbons, cube dyeing

Povoinik with Kustyshki
Velvet, gold threads, embroidery on cardboard

Kustyshki are part of the traditional Russian headdress of Arkhangelsk Gubernia. A red taffeta headscarf is folded into a wide strip and tied to a povoinik in such a way that the knot is on the forehead with the ends sticking out at the sides. A sarafan made of evenly dyed indigo cloth, usually homemade linen, was known as a sinyak in the North. The sinyak was cut like an old A-line sarafan, but had no fastenings, just two silky ribbons and a row of decorative white buttons.

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