1927, Volnovka (Krasnodar Region) — 2015, Moscow

Artist’s Family. The Chernyshevs


Depicts the artist Nikolai Mikhailovich Chernyshev (1885–1973) and his wife Antonina Alexandrovna Chernysheva (born 1912).
Dmitry Zhilinsky depicts Nikolai Chernyshev, one of his teachers at the Vasily Surikov Institute of Art in Moscow, with his wife Antonina. The theme of the picture is the spiritual and the mundane, the confluence of the generations and the merging of man and nature. Zhilinsky solicitously paints the portraits of two people who have spent a long life together: “Slim and fair-haired, he is the incarnation of spirit; she is his support in life – broad, serene and beautiful.” Both the artist’s words and his image are expressive. The following generations can be seen behind the two heroes, who seem to recede into the slowly unfolding panorama of slender birch trees, houses, hills and a distant chapel – everything that was so dear to their hearts.

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