born 1922, Moscou

Warm Day


  • oil on canvas. 190 х 122
  • Ж-7486

  • Received in 1961 via the Ministry of Culture of the RSFSR

The painting emblematizes the beginning of Soviet art’s process of de-Stalinization, which gathered momentum after the official denunciation of Stalin’s personality cult in 1956. This image of a girl resting after some ordinary housework had no connection with any existing ideological formulae. Whether consciously or not, Levitin avoids all Socialist Realist portrait and subject clichés in the canvas, simply affirming the value of the moment, the “here and now”. Admiration of youthful beauty and enjoyment of sunlight and warmth: these basic joys common to all humanity are shared by the artist with viewers in sincere fashion, with no imposed ideological message.

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