23 July 2021

Aivazovsky and Russian Marine Artists. A virtual guide in Artefact app

23 works by Ivan Aivazovsky and the marine artists from the collection of the Russian Museum are available now in the Artefact, an AR application. The app will enable the users to explore the “Aivazovsky and Russian Marine Artists” exhibition that has been opened in the Russian Museum’s Branch in Málaga (Spain).

The exhibitions includes the main paintings by Ivan Aivazovsky such as “A View of Odessa”, “ A View of Constantinople”, “The Ninth Wave”, “The Creation of the World”, “A Storm over Yevpatoria”, “A Wave”. The visitors of the exhibition will see the works by Alexei Bogolyubov, Grigory and Nikanor Chernetsov, Alexander Beggrow, Israel Lizak and others artists as well.

During  Aivazovsky’s lifetime, there wasn’t his solo exhibition in Spain. Later on the expositions of Russian art in Spain showed only separate works of the great marine artist. Aivazovsky travelled a lot and was in Asia, Africa and America, visited many European countries including Spain. Having viewed Madrid, Granada, Cádiz and other towns , Aivazovsky made a lot of drawings. Later he painted several seascapes from memory including  “A view of Malaga Bay”. This painting is kept in the collection of the Feodosia Picture Gallery. Now it is possible to see this work among the others seascapes of the artist in Artefact app.

It is the second virtual guide that was developed by the Service “The Virtual Russian Museum” in collaboration with the Russian Museum’s Branch in Málaga. The Artefact app enables the users to explore the sketches to the paintings, the restoration process, compare the works. The virtual guide on the exhibition is available in Russian and Spanish.

 Together with the works by the Russian marine artists the virtual guide comprises the seascapes painted by the Spanish artists Emilio Ocón y Rivas, José Ruiz y Blasco  and his son Pablo Ruiz y Picasso. Similar to Aivazovsky they advanced the tradition of Romantic seascape.

The users of the Artefact app will explore 23 works presented at the exhibition in the Russian Museum’s Branch in Málaga, listen to audio guides in Russian and Spanish, pay attention on fragments of the paintings by viewing the points of interest.  

You are welcome to use the Artefact app both at the exposition and at home!

The Artefact app is available to download at Google Play and  App Store

Further information on exhibition is available on the official website of the Artefact app

The website of the Russian Museum’s Branch in Málaga

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