1680, Saxony (?) – 1737(3?), St Petersburg

German painter, portrait artist, and miniaturist. Initially, Tannauer would practice watchmaking and music. He studied painting in Venice under S. Bombelli. Subsequently, he lived in Holland, where he would copy Rubens’s paintings. When Peter the Great was abroad, he invited Tannauer to come to Russia upon the recommendation of Johannes Kupezky. On October 1, 1710 an agreement was signed in Vienna, making Tannauer a painter serving in Russia. In March 1711 the artist came to Smolensk. During the Pruth River Campaign, he accompanied Peter the Great, and then settled down in St Petersburg. He was a court artist. Tannauer painted portraits, historical pictures, and miniatures; he also created ink drawings and fixed clocks. His son, Johann Sebastian Tannauer, studied engraving at the Academy of Sciences.

Collection of the Russian Museum

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Portrait of Pyotr Tolstoy
Portrait of Pyotr Tolstoy
Late 1710s – 1720s
Portrait of Tsarevich Alexis Petrovich
Portrait of Tsarevich Alexis Petrovich
Early 1710s (?)
Peter I at the Battle of Poltava
Peter I at the Battle of Poltava
1724 (1725?)

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